Thursday, September 30, 2010

DiSC Profile

This past Tuesday I attended Part 1 of 3 workshops called, "Working Collaboratively to Serve Our Students." The focus for most of the workshop was on getting to know more about each of the attendees, who were new employees at DU, and reviewing/discussing the results of our DiSC profile that each of us had taken earlier.

I had forgotten that I had taken the DiSC profile before, but when I saw the results graph, I immediately recognized it. It looked the same as it did when I took it over 10 years ago. Ugh! My primary dimension is a high "C" (Conscientious) and my secondary dimension is a fairly high "S" (Steady). I'm fairly low in both the "D" and "i" dimensions, which means I'm conservative (ok with me), mild, quiet, unsure (double yuck), dependent (double yuck again) and modest (ok) and logical (ok) controlled, retiring (double yuck) suspicious (yuck) and pessimistic (yuck again). I'm not totally thrilled by the results as it frames me as a very boring person, at least in my mind it does. On the other hand, it definitely provides some benefits to my employer as I'm accurate, conscientious, steady, calm, and systematic and consistent in achieving results.

So, my question then is, "How does this relate to my role as Instructional Technologist"? I'm not sure. In my mind, it doesn't seem to fit as well as some of the other profiles would. It does fit as a project/production coordinator, which is what I did for 12-14 years and it did fit within the role of Instructional Design Technician position at my previous employment, since the position was really about completing projects.

In my new role, at my new employer, there are a lot of technology projects that could and possibly need to be addressed and I can see that my being involved would be helpful, but I'm not sure that is what I was hired for. Additionally, I don't know that we have the resources we need to complete the projects. I do have to admit this is another area that I'm usually good at. I usually can find the resources I need to achieve what needs to be accomplished. The only issue that I won't have any control over and can make the difference as to whether or not the results are successful is getting the money to obtain the resources needed. Hmmm...I guess I need to meet with my boss sometime soon to clarify and plan a few things.

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