Monday, April 18, 2011

Thoughts on eLearning Project Management...

An important step in any project, is to be sure everyone, SMEs, instructional designers, media producers, graphic designers, etc. are in agreement on what the project "looks" like. The project should be clearly defined in the project scope and any questions or clarification needed should be done upfront when possible, while planning and organizing the project.

The second phase of the project involves gathering information, developing the blueprint, creating and testing draft materials or mockup, and then producing master materials upon approval of the draft material or mockup.

During each step within the second phase it is important to share the information with the stakeholders. In particular, the blueprint or design specifications "will allow all relevant reviewers to look at course content and strategy at a point before a lot of energy and cost is expended in writing text and transitions, formatting job aids creating graphics or case studies, or writing scripts. This early review permits the design team to make substantive structural revisions while the course is still easily revisable." (Greer, 1992).

Obtaining approval to proceed after creating and testing draft materials or mockup is key to the success of the project, but it is also where many projects can go awry or be delayed. This is when a project manager may find that some of the stakeholders didn't express their concerns for the original direction of the project or didn't provide all of the necessary information. Additionally, if there were any holes in the planning of the project, this is where it will become apparent.

And this is where my current project has been stalled again... It's a learning lesson in progress.

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