Thursday, November 17, 2011

My "Googlio" Site or ePortfolio Updates

This week in the EDT 5410 Introduction to Educational Technology course, we were asked to create a Google Website with the following minimum criteria:
  • At least two pages.
  • Use the Navigation function on the left to be sure someone can easily move from page to page.
  • Use at least one image on each page.
  • Use at least one Google "gadget" on each page (calendar, announcements, or other...there are tons of them to choose from).
  • Use one of the Site Themes for your website.
  • Be sure to provide a clickable link to your website in a new blog posting, along with a written description of your site's purpose and why you included the elements you did.
This past spring I started building an ePortfolio using Google Sites. I had read some information on creating a portfolio using a Google site, watched a video on "Googlios," a term used to describe a portfolio built on a Google site, and viewed some of the examples at: After viewing some of the examples, I thought that I would like to create an electronic portfolio using Google Sites, so I began working on it. I didn't get real far in developing it, but when this assignment came up, I thought I would work on developing it further. It still has some work to be done and I want to change several of the pages, along with adding in the Educational/Professional links that I just don't have time to get entered tonight.

The purpose of my ePortfolio is to showcase my educational and professional accomplishments and to share my educational/instructional design goals and philosophy. In continuing to work on it for this class, I feel it accomplishing two goals in that I'm continuing to develop it more fully and I'm also gaining experience in developing a "Googlio" and can teach students how to create an electronic portfolio in Google Sites.

Some of the elements I have included are:
Home page: 
  • A Picasa Slide Show. I would like to create a more instructional design/professional-based slide show for the Welcome page, but for now, I'm displaying one of my photo shoots from September 7, 2011. This provides both images and a Google gadget all in one.
About Me page:
  • A profile photo and information about how I got started in the field of Instructional Design and Educational Technology.
  • Inserted a Google Form, the Social Networking Tools Educator Survey as the Google gadget.
Contact Me page:
  • Another profile photo of me, my personal, school, and work email addresses, and a contact form as the Google gadget.
Educational & Professional Calendar page:
  • Inserted my Google School Calendar as the Google gadget. Did not include an image on this page.
Educational Philosophy page:
  • Inserted image from another Website into a "Text Box," which allowed me to also add the image credit and the link to where I obtained the image. 
Educational Technology Blog page:
  • I used a Google gadget that allows you to embed other Web pages, including Google Blogger, into a Google site and my blog has imaged on it.
Instructional Design Competencies page:
  • Again, I used a Google gadget to embed the IBSTPI Web pages that shows the Instructional Design Competencies. I actually plan to change this to write out my own competencies, along with providing a link to the IBSTPI's Web page. Particularly since I don't know that they would want their Web page embedded in another Website.
Master of Arts in Educational Technology page:
  • I've included an image of WMU that links to WMU.
  • I've set up the page as a list, which allows me to show what classes I've taken and classes I still need to take to complete my degree.
Professional and Educational Links page:
  • I did not get to this page at all, as you can tell.
Vitae/Resume page:
  • I inserted my LinkedIn Profile Web page with a Google gadget and my LinkedIn Profile page has a photo of me on it.
And finally, here's the link to my ePortfolio, a Google site:

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